• Integrate to Innovate

At Integration Corporation we provide services designed to help organizations function as an organism, like a well-designed robot. Integrating departments, processes and systems resulting in improved customer experiences, increased internal efficiency and enhanced data governance.

Vision on Integration

Analyzing the current trend, we see increasingly demanding customers, continuous creation of new business models and supporting apps combined with increasingly innovative collaboration methods. Demanding flexibility of any organization to benefit from these global trends and increase the overall customer experience.

The Integration Robot is the visualization of our vision on Integration. Symbolizing how applications should support the integrated way of working between departments and across business processes. Customers of the future look at brands and expect well-run, well-oiled machines. Our Services are designed to help organizations adapt to this new reality and become more efficient and customer driven through integration.


Build a flexibile infrastructure, adapt to disruptive technologies


Standardize services, products and supporting processes

Customer Focus

Share customer information and personalize service

Integration Robot

What we offer:

  • Advisory

Our Consultants are experts in translating strategic business goals to tactical action plans and analyzing complex IT Infrastructures.

  • Delivery

Our SCRUM Teams use our IC agile methodology to deliver integrated architectures, improved datamodels, optimized processflows and business driven Dashboards.

  • Managed Services

We aim to Partner after delivery and create integration roadmaps for the future and help outsource DevOps Teams.

We provide Integration Assessments, iPaaS tool selections and implement Masterdata Governance.

We deliver iPaaS solutions, MDM solutions and Advanced Analytics.

We provide Support, Monitoring and insights into operational Dashboards.